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Kiss Cut Stickers

Kiss cut stickers peel away from the backing paper with ease. These stickers are printed in full color on outdoor vinyl. Kiss cuts are a great way to achieve the die cut sticker look without the fear of bent corners.

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Kiss cut stickers are a slight variation from the popular die cut sticker product. These stickers are carefully cut to shape around the design, without cutting through the backing paper. The excess material around the design can be used to print additional information about your product or brand. Advertise a special promotion or offer links to social media pages. 

Kiss cut stickers are easy to order. Simply select a size and quantity and add the product to your cart. After checkout, upload your artwork and our design team will provide you with a free online proof within 24 hours. After proof approval, we will print and ship your order within 5 business days, complete with free ground shipping. 

Custom Kiss Cut Stickers for Outdoor Use

Custom kiss-cut stickers are printed on white premium vinyl and laminated with a matte vinyl laminate. The semi-permanent adhesive sticks to a wide variety of surfaces without leaving an adhesive mess behind. These peel-away stickers are perfect for nearly any smooth surface, including water bottles, laptops, and car windows. Our stickers are even car wash and dishwasher safe!

Kiss cut vinyl stickers product specs

Material Specs

Material Type

White vinyl


Matte or Gloss



Total material thickness

8 mils

Finishing Specs

Cut Style

Kiss cut custom shape

Back slit for easy peel?

No – not necessary for kiss cuts

Backprint available?

Yes – see our back print stickers

Outdoor Lifespan

3 – 5 years

Durable Peel-Out Kiss Cut With a Tough Laminate

Kiss cut stickers come standard with a durable matte vinyl laminate. This gives kiss cut stickers an upscale, premium product feel. The thick material impresses when passed out at events and trade shows. The laminated finish protects the ink from abrasion and makes your design shine.


Standard Matte Laminate for Kiss Cut Decals

The laminate adds an extra layer of protection on top of the heavy-duty UV outdoor inks. Gloss laminate also available upon request.


Perfectly cut to shape.

Stickers are custom designed for your brand with special shapes to match the artwork. Give stickers an upgraded look. 


Easy to peel and apply

Kiss cut stickers are easy to remove from the backing paper. Carefully bend the outside of the paper and peel the stickers off. 

When Should I Use Kiss Cut Stickers?

Kiss cut stickers are close cousins with the very popular die cut sticker product. The main difference is the excess sticker material around the cut. When designed creatively, the excess room is valuable real-estate for adding extra marketing info. Encourage social media engagement or connect with your customers!

Stickers less than 2″ are best printed as kiss cuts.

Small stickers can get lost easily. By producing these stickers on a kiss cut backer, it makes the final size of your sticker larger and easier to give away.

Kiss cuts are perfect for selling stickers at retail

With a kiss cut sticker, a barcode can be easily printed on the excess material around the cut. This makes it easy for retailers to sell your product!

FAQ’s For Kiss Cut Stickers

What is a kiss cut stickers?

A kiss cut sticker is a type of sticker cut to the shape of the design, but it does not cut through the backing paper. This leaves a border around the edge of the sticker that can be used for other marketing purposes such as social media info and company contact info.

How is a kiss cut sticker different from a die cut?

Unlike a die cut sticker, kiss cut stickers are not cut all the way through the backing paper. This leaves a border around the cut of the sticker that can be used for other marketing purposes. 

How do you use kiss cut stickers?

Kiss cut stickers are useful for complex cut stickers. The backing paper keeps delicate corners from bending or creasing before use. These stickers are also a great way to add function to the design by printing on the border between the sticker and the outside of the decal. 

How many different peel out stickers can go on a kiss cut stickers?

Our kiss cut stickers are meant for only 1 sticker per design. 

We also offer a sticker sheet product that’s perfect for multiple design stickers!

How much of a border is needed between the kiss cut and the edge of the sticker?

We recommend a .25″ gap between the edge of the sticker and the cut line.

This gap is important to make sure the cut line is not damaged during the manufacturing process. 

Can I make a kiss cut and die cut product on the same sticker?

Our kiss cut stickers are intended to be one peel-out sticker and a square corner backing paper. 

If you would like to purchase a more customized version of this product with multiple types of cuts (die cut, kiss cut, score, etc.) on the same part, our wholesale b2b team is perfect for you!

What size should I use for kiss cut stickers? The peel out of final size?

Use the final size of the backing paper when pricing kiss cut stickers. 

Kiss cut stickers come in various shapes and sizes. Some customers want a very small gap between the sticker and the border while others leave ample room to communicate important information to customers. 

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