A Comprehensive Guide to Static Cling Stickers

What are static cling stickers?

Static cling stickers are a type of adhesive-free decal that sticks to windows and mirrors. This product is primarily used for marketing purposes and is a great alternative to stickers with adhesive.

Static cling material is made from a vinyl base and comes with a paper liner to protect the clingability of the sticker. This material comes in a white and clear version, although other colors are also available in specialized situations.

How do static clings stick to windows?

Contrary to popular belief, static cling stickers do not adhere through static electricity. Instead, they use a combination of molecular attraction and the surface tension of liquids to stick to smooth surfaces like windows. The stickers are typically made from a material that has a slightly tacky surface. When pressed onto a window, the molecules in the material create a bond with the molecules on the glass. This molecular attraction, coupled with the adhesive quality of the material, allows the static cling sticker to securely stick to the surface without the need for traditional adhesives.

What are the top 5 uses of static cling stickers?

  1. Non-profit advertising and support stickers
  2. Authorized dealer decals
  3. Kid’s gifts and toys
  4. Oil change stickers
  5. Retail signage
  6. Mirror clings for beauty products
  7. Convenience store doors: Drink brands use refrigerator door statics to help advertise drink options as buyers are searching for their products. This is a great marketing strategy to affect the buyer at the time of purchase!

How are they printed?

Static cling stickers can be printed on many different presses. Digital, screen, offset, and flexo are all suitable methods of printing these stickers. The final use of the product will determine which method is best for the project.

Our custom static cling stickers are printed using our uv digital presses, which gives them a rich color appearance and ensures the colors last for 2-3 years before sun deterioration.

Right-Reading or Wrong-Reading Printing?

Static cling stickers are generally placed on the inside of the window because they aren’t meant to come into contact with outdoor elements such as rain and wind. In order for a static cling sticker to be viewed from the outside when stuck to the inside of a window, the sticker must be printed in reverse, sometimes called the wrong-reading direction.

The wrong-reading graphics are printed on a clear static cling material and backed with white ink to make them opaque in the window, while also viewable from the outside.

Static stickers printed in the right-reading format are printed on white static cling without the need for white ink behind the graphics.

Knowing how static stickers will be used is critical when ordering!

Applying and removing static cling stickers

Applying static cling stickers is a straightforward process. First, ensure the chosen surface is clean and free from dust or residue. Peel the sticker carefully from its backing, taking care not to touch the adhesive side. Align the sticker with your desired position on the surface, then gently press and smooth it down from one edge to the other, using a soft cloth or squeegee to remove any air bubbles. If repositioning is needed, simply peel off and adjust – static cling stickers can be reapplied multiple times without leaving any residue behind.

The ordering process for static clings

Ordering static clings is easy! Simply choose the product size and quantity and add it to your cart. Once it’s in your cart, complete the checkout process and upload your art!

Our proofing team will send you a free pdf proof within 4 business hours for you to approve or make changes. Once that’s done, we’ll ship in 4 business days.