Buy direct from the sticker manufacturer

Traditional manufacturers, outside reps, and pitfalls

In the old days, traditional manufacturing companies were really good at producing products but did not have the sales knowledge or customer service skills to properly service customers. As a result, manufacturers hired a team of manufacturer’s reps and outside brokers to focus on sales and customer service so the manufacturer could focus on the product.

While well-intentioned, this model created an extra layer of markup between the customer and manufacturer, ultimately leading to a higher cost product. Further, communication was stiffiled with extra people in the process.

Comgraphx created a better way: Working directly with the manufacturer

What if stickers and decals could be purchased directly from the manufacturer, but with a better buying experience? What if the account executive was super knowledgeable about the product and didn’t rely on a customer service team to “handle the details?” What if the product pricing model was reflected through this direct-to-consumer mindset?

Those questions are what drove us to create a phenomenal buying experience for world-class brands and businesses. We have designed a customer-friendly sales model that makes it possible to order a custom manufactured product with the same user experience you expect from other products.

As a result, you benefit through incredible pricing, quick turn times, and simplified communication.