Savvy Sticker Swag(ger)

Stickers are The Perfect Mobile Marketing Device.

Let’s talk about stickers. They go all over the place. The perfect mobile marketing device. Cars, coolers, tool chests, water bottles, bikes, laptops. The possibilities are endless. Do you send them out in mailers? With every order that ships? You should. Free advertising!

Now, just because I happen to work for a sticker printing company, you would think of all the stickers in the world that I see daily, they don’t catch my eye anymore! Au contraire, my friends. If anything, I find myself searching every car’s rear window to see if they have an excellent, eye-catching decal. This is my life now. Everyone loves stickers. My obsession started with Lisa Frank way back in the 90s, then progressed to those tacky little decals you could get for $0.50 from the vending machine. Thankfully, I outgrew the phase of branding my binders with “foxy” and “expensive” stickers and moved on to realize that they can be a genius way to market your company.

High Quality and High Quantity

Usually, high-quality and high-quantity, rarely ever go hand-in-hand. What makes us so unique? Stickers and decals, banners and lube labels, are our specialty. It’s all we do. We are so dedicated to making you happy with your product that we go above and beyond every time. Sure, you could get your stickers from websites that say they “specialize” in high-quality stickers, but you do get what you pay for in the long run.

Business talk aside, we earnestly strive to make every ordering experience one of a kind for you and very personalized. If you would have asked me five years ago where I saw myself today, never in a million years would I have said, “I work at a decal printing company!”, let alone at a place that has been in my hometown since the 70s, which is refreshing in a sea of corporations, to be the employee of a local business.

Whether your stickers needs be die cut or kiss cut, sticker sheets or back printed decals, screen, flexo or digital, Comgraphx is where you want to go. Don’t have a design? That’s OK. We have an entire team of graphic artists just waiting to help you out with your design and vision. We print for brands that matter. No, really. It’s our thing, check out any of our social media sites. It’s what we do, and to us, you matter.

Until next time savvy sticker readers,