Screen Printing with Specialty Inks

Why is Screen Printing Key to Printing Specialty Inks?

Screen Printing is the only way to get the look you are shooting for when it comes to specialty inks. You can’t print glitter inks using other printing processes such as digital, flexographic or offset printing.

Why do Glitter Inks Sparkle?

When you use glitter inks, they have particles suspended within the inks. These particles can be made of different materials such as metal flake, plastics or combination of other reflective materials. Transparent inks are used in combination with glitter to produce some fantastic visual effects.

How Do You Get That Effect?

Using the correct mesh count is key to a successful specialty ink effect. Choosing a mesh that is open enough for the flakes to pass through onto the substrate while suspending the particles ink the ink allows light to reflect at different angles. Depending on what angle the particles reflect light will determine the sparkle of the specialty ink you are using.

Want to Learn More About specialty Inks?

Check out our video that discusses CMYK vs Spot Color. In the video we talk about using specialty inks such as metallic, high gloss, matte finish and even day-glow colors. While it’s difficult to show just how impressive these effects are within a video, I’ve included one just to give you the idea.

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