How Sticker Marketing Works

Comgraphx has been screen printing stickers since 1973 and we’ve learned through the years how sticker marketing works. We’ve helped build companies, build brands and our stickers have been starting conversations about those companies for as many years as we’ve been printing them. That is what stickers do, they start conversations and get people thinking about your brand.

Not just for bumpers anymore

One answer to how sticker marketing works is the classic bumper sticker that you see on car windows instead of bumpers these days. The great thing about stickers is, they can go anywhere. We now see stickers showing up on Yeti Cups, Ice Chests, laptops, iPhones and pretty much anywhere you can think of. Why? Because sticker marketing works!

Music Stickers Rock!

I went to my local Guitar Center last week and when I got out of my truck, I looked up and, on the building, there were about 150 different stickers. There were local bands, local radio stations and even dealer stickers like ESP Guitars and Ernie Ball stickers! I was going to buy strings for my bass guitar and after seeing the Ernie Ball strings sticker on the outside, my eyes went straight to the Ernie Ball strings display when I walked in the door. That’s how sticker marketing works, it gets your product out there, in some of the most unexpected places.


The Nielsen studies report that 90% of people trust word of mouth recommendations from people they know. How sticker marketing works is creating conversations and those conversations go something like this.

“Cool sticker, where’d you get it? – Oh man, I bought this monthly subscription to (_insert your company_) and they sent this sticker to me for free! – Really? How do I sign up for this thing?”

You want to be that guy…

It seems too good to be true, but it is that simple. That is how sticker marketing works all the time. Think of your friends, think of their laptop or Ice Chest. Do they have stickers on them? How about you? Do you use stickers on the stuff you carry around? If not, wouldn’t you like to be that person? Wouldn’t you like to show off your companies’ newest product, or build your follower base by creating a “TAG AND WIN” contest? Instead of looking for new customers wouldn’t it be nice if they came looking for you? That’s how sticker marketing works and that’s why you can’t ignore sticker marketing!

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