All Stickers Are Not Created Equal (Outdoor Durability)

All Stickers Are Not Created Equal

What is the outdoor durability of my stickers? It turns out, under the Oklahoma sun, all stickers are not created equal. Some stickers just can’t hold up.

Even within Comgraphx we have different printing methods depending on what you want your stickers to do. For instance, if you’re doing a product label flexographic printing is probably the way you want to go; however, if you need your stickers to stand up to the sun and is for outdoor use, screen printing is the most durable. All stickers are not created equal and a lot of stickers that are out there just don’t hold up.

Digital vs. Screen printed stickers

There is a vast array of digital printing out there and most all digital printing is able to print on a sticker material but that does not mean it will last outdoors. We have tested competitor’s digitally printed stickers that fade within 6 weeks of exposure to the sun. All stickers are not created equal and here at Comgraphx we use UV digital inks. They stand up to the elements and last for years outdoors. We also print screen printed stickers that have an even longer outdoor tolerance. For the most durable stickers, screen printing is the way to go.

Flexographic Stickers

There are times when you don’t need the outdoor longevity for a sticker. If you need 1 or 2 years of fade resistance – flexographic printing is a good choice. Flexographic stickers tend to be a little less expensive on higher quantity runs. The cost for plates and tooling are come with every flexographic sticker job. Once you invest in the setup cost the more you print the cheaper each sticker becomes. Long runs are a great way to get a great cost on stickers that are a one to two-year use product.

How long should my stickers last?

 The material plays a large factor in all cases when you’re printing bumper stickers, so we are only comparing UV inks in each printing process.

Flexographic UV printing:

For flexographic stickers you should expect a two-year life span before inks start fading.

Digital UV printing:

For digital UV printed stickers, you should expect 2-4-year life span before inks start to fade.

Screen Printing UV inks:

This is your best option for outdoor durability and longevity for your stickers. These inks last for 5 years before you start to see fading occur.

Check out this video for some examples: