What Makes A Good Sticker?

You hear it every day when your work revolves around stickers – “that sticker is terrible!” But why? What makes it look terrible? Furthermore, what factors lead to a good sticker? We feel that it resolves around several key elements, and we’re going to break down each of those elements in a mini blog series titled: What Makes a Good Sticker?

Ultimately, the term “good vs. bad” is in the eye of the beholder. The person judging the sticker determines his or her own characteristics of what makes for a good product. Maybe it looks incredible because the print quality is superb! Or maybe it has a cool matte finish that catches your eye. It’s possible though that you don’t like matte finishes, and therefore you think it’s bad.

We think it’s important to go through each of the elements of good vs. bad, so we can establish a set of principles when determining what looks good and what doesn’t.

The Four Basic Elements of a Good Sticker

  1. Does the it look good, and was it printed correctly?
  2. Is the design effective for its intended purpose?
  3. How is it being used, and do the materials, ink, and print process makes sense for the intended usage?
  4. Will it look good several years from now?

We believe that you will be much more satisfied with how your brand is represented through stickers if you’re able to check the “yes” box next to each of these questions.

Do you want us to evaluate your design for you?

Ultimately, the customer decides what they want their sticker to look like. If you do have any questions about your design send us your design at sales@comgraphx.com! We love to brainstorm ways we can help you improve your current product!