What is the wet method for decal application?

The wet method of decal application is the preferred method to use for large format graphics such as retail window graphics. The wet method temporarily deadens the adhesive and allows you to get the positioning just right. After a short period of time, the water used in the wet method dries up and the adhesive takes hold.

To use the wet method, start with the following supplies:

1. Spray bottle filled with water and a couple drops of dish washing detergent. 

2. A roll of painters tape or similar style (very low tac adhesive) to help you position the graphic

3. A thick card or plastic applicator to help smooth out the graphic while applying. 

To apply the decal, generously spray down the general area with the water & soap mixture. Use the painters tape to help you temporarily position the graphic in place. Carefully remove the paper liner from the graphic and begin sticking it to the window. At this point, the water on the window should come in contact with the adhesive on the graphic, and it should be easy to move around.

Use the plastic applicator to help smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles. If the graphic is sticking to the window and making it difficult to position, simply spray more water on the window. After the graphic is properly positioned, remove the painters tape and let the graphic dry. After 24 hours, the excess water should have evaporated and your new graphic will be in place.