Make Your Stickers Shine

How to make your stickers shine.

I was driving to work this week, in the rain and kind of bummed out for a Monday morning when out of the corner of my eye I saw a shiny bright Ron Jon sticker. I thought to myself, I only noticed that because we printed it. So, I keep driving and get to the next stop light and there it is again! What makes this sticker shine? Maybe it was the overcast day, maybe it was the rain but something like this is an incredible use of a sticker!

The key to making a good chrome sticker GREAT!

We start with a chrome material (Think of the chrome bumper off a ’57 Chevy.) then we print a transparent color over the top of the chrome. We retain the chrome look but it gives it an incredible blue hue. At this point you could use a nice screen-printed shiny jet-black ink but wait! We wanted to take advantage of the chrome and make it stand out even more by using a deep rich matte black.



The construction of the sticker.

How we build your stickers is key to how your customers display them and how their friends view them and how your brand is perceived. Here at Comgraphx we take your goals and ambitions and build your sticker to represent your brand the best it can be. Screen printing allows us to use specialty inks and crazy materials that no other print process can even come close to. We do what other printers can’t even dream of.

Ready to build your brand?

When you are ready, reach out to us for something that will build your brand and your company. If you already use stickers for your sticker marketing give us a call. We’ll help you make it better. If you haven’t tried sticker marketing yet, start off with the right company and give Comgraphx a call. Let us prove to you we are the best. Afterall, we print stickers for brands that matter. We can make your stickers shine!