Printed Coaster for Christmas

Christmas Printed Coaster

Here at Comgraphx we are already gearing up for Christmas 2020 and the “in” thing will be Christmas Printed Coaster!  We already print your favorite coasters with your brand displayed proudly. Now we want you to think outside the box with “Christmas Coasters” for your brand. There are already lots of companies using these as self-promotion as part of their marketing plan. In addition to your sticker marketing package, add the Christmas Coasters next year.

From Printed Coaster to Ornament

How do we convert a traditional beer coaster to an ornament? … one might ask. In this blog I’ll go through the process. We’ve also created a fun little video to show just how easy the transformation can be.


We start with a thin – strong – absorbent material that works fantastic for coasters. Ours are super user friendly and if you slightly miss when you sit your drink down it isn’t so thick that it pours your drink all over everything.


We can screen print your coasters for super durability and we can digitally print anything you’d like if you’re going for high detail or more than 3 or 4 colors. Both processes use UV inks which stand up to liquids and will not run when exposed to moisture nor will it fade away to nothingness.

The Conversion

The conversion from beer coaster to ornament is seamless. We already have a die in house that we’ll use to cut your stock circle shape. Then we use a second die that creates the handy hole in the top of your ornament. Our standard is to ship 6” strips of ribbon with your order but we can get creative with that as well or you can use your own method of hanging your new ornaments.

Give us a call and let’s get started on this fun project together.