Product of the month: Transparent Ink Stickers

Have you ever seen a sticker that made you do a double-take? The type of product that seems new, fresh, modern, and quite different from other stickers?

That’s exactly what a transparent ink sticker will do for your brand decals. This specialty product takes a normal sticker and elevates it to a new level using specialty inks and creative art prior to printing.

Transparent ink is printed on a silver metallic material. Because the ink is transparent, the reflective nature of the metallic material shines through and gives the color a flash of eye-catching pop.

This type of decal is a great addition to your standard die cut stickers. Use it as a special one-time promotion or offer it for sale in your retail store. Because of the higher-end look, customers can’t wait to get their hands on this product!

Transparent ink stickers are the sticker of the month for September 2020. If you are interested in creating one of these stickers using your logo stickers, contact your AE! Or fill out our online quote form to get a quote within 30 minutes (during normal business hours). We are offering 10% off all new transparent ink stickers with the discount code TRASNPARENT10.

Happy sticker designing!