Use Stickers to Get More Followers

How to Get More Followers with Stickers

Are you having a contest, building your customer data base or just want to increase your followers on Facebook and Twitter? Want an inexpensive way to do all this and more? You came to the right place. Sticker marketing works! In this blog we give you several examples of how to get more followers with stickers.

The Contest

One of my favorite customers has a contest every week. When you sign up for their gym membership, they give you a sticker. On the back the sticker says… “Place this sticker on your car, take a pic and post it to our website.  We pick a winner each month!” This does several things for this gym. Number one, they have tons of stickers on cars proudly displaying their logo. Number two, they have tons of posts to their Facebook of photos of people doing crazy things with the sticker in the background, on their car! More followers mean more customers. This is a great way to answer the question “How to get more followers.”

Tag & Win

Customer love variety and with a sticker sheet you get several options. Recently, We had a customer that does a “Tag & Win” contest. They have received more followers this way by printing the instructions right on the sticker sheet. It says… “Tag a photo of your stickers in action for a chance to win free merchandise. See Details at our website.” BRILLIANT!  Their customers become followers and their friends get more followers and it just keeps building.

Comgraphx will help you get more followers

 These are all just examples of the solution to “How to get more followers”. There are so many more out there and we print for them every day. If you want to get more followers on your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram page we have solutions. Just give us a call or email us and we’ll get you a quote back within 30 minutes. Get more followers using our proven methods or we can come up with your own method suited just for your company.