Point of Purchase (POP)

What does the acronym POP stand for?

There are many acronyms for POP as well as definitions depending on what context you’re using. For our purpose we are using POP as an acronym for Point of Purchase. Another frequently used acronym for this is POS or Point of Sale. Either of these refer to the in store promotional material that helps you sell your product.

Examples of POP

POP can be anything from display stands to wall graphics and everything in between. We’ve put together a POP Product Guide.pdf showing just some of the products we can produce for you from Comgraphx. Some examples of POP are Window Signage – this can be inside your store or outside for the customers to see before they come in. Banners are another example of POP that can be used inside or out. Examples of POP that are typically at the counter or cash register are: Mouse pads, counter mats and counter cards.

Outdoor Point of Purchase

You need to get your customers that are outside to come inside and buy your product. That’s where outdoor POP comes in. We have feather banners that stick in the ground and attract attention. Another outdoor POP example is banners of any sizes. Banners can go above your door for a special promotion or out by the roadside to direct traffic to your storefront. We even do floor graphics as outdoor POP from the sidewalks right up to your door.

Inside POP

The customer seeing a Push Pull sign on the door makes them look for your product once they get inside. That same graphic used with a shelf wobbler is a great way to emphasize the message. Hang tags that are on your product with a sticker as part of the hang tag is an incising incentive to purchase that product over anther similar product. Inside POP is several small pieces that work together to help the customer make the choice you want them to.

 We provide all types of POP

Check out our POP_Product_Guide and see what products Comgraphx can do for you. We provide all types of POP that help you increase sales and build brand loyalty. If you take advantage of all the products, we provide you are sure to see an increase in your product moving off the shelves.