Long-term durability of the SmartPrint Oil Sticker Printer

SmartPrint™ Oil Sticker Printer Will Last Decades

If you are looking for an oil label printer you want one that’s going to last, the SmartPrint™ lube label printer is the best reminder system out there. SmartPrint printers are designed to be used in an oil change shop environment where grease and grime are common, and oily fingers are the norm. You can’t find another printer out there compares to the long-term durability of SmartPrint Oil Sticker Printer.

Who sells the SmartPrint™ Lube Label System?

The SmartPrint™ Oil Sticker System name is trademarked by Communication Graphics Inc. d/b/a Comgraphx. We have had these units in production for over 15 years and remains the most commonly used system in America.

Are there other printers like SmartPrint™?

There are many different printer models on the market, at varying price points. In general, just like in other areas, you get what you pay for. The SmartPrint™ oil system is made with metal parts so that holds up for years to come. While some models require replacement every couple of years, the SmartPrint™ will last a decade or more, in many cases.

Who uses oil sticker printers?

Oil sticker printers are used by nearly every professional oil change shop in America. Most franchise chains have a program to provide shops with a printer and professional-looking labels, which are critical in achieving return customer success.

What if something goes wrong with my SmartPrint™ or I have questions?

The great thing about SmartPrint™ printers is the easy hassle-free technical support that comes with every printer sold. Comgraphx has a toll-free number on every printer. When you call up, they can walk you through any issue that might come up. They also can supply your labels, ink ribbons, and any other supplies you need to make your SmartPrint™ work flawlessly.

Is the SmartPrint™ sticker printer really that durable?

You don’t have to take our word for it. Talk to anyone using one of our SmartPrint™ printers and see what they have to say. Here’s a photo from a local Jiffy Lube when my coworker went for an oil change. They said this printer has been working hard for 18 years and counting.

That is a great example of the long-term durability of the SmartPrint Oil Sticker Printer