What Makes for a Good Sticker: The Proper Purpose!

In this mini-series, we’re evaluating the various elements of what makes for a good sticker. If you remember the first post, we explored the most obvious answer: It Looks Good! For the 2nd post of the mini-series, we will look at another very important element of sticker design, the intended purpose.

Have you ever seen something that looked out of place? It could be the guy who wears flip-flops to a black-tie event. Or maybe it was a terrible font choice (looking at you, comic sans) for a business advertisement. Out of place situations lead to embarrassment (and sometimes, funny stories).

Whatever story or situation resonates with you, don’t let this situation happen to your stickers.

Why Are You Purchasing This Sticker?

That’s a simple question we ask customers to get a better understanding of the sticker’s intended purpose. The answer gives insight into whether the initial design will lead to a successfully implemented product. Not all stickers will have an award-winning graphic design, and that’s ok. Warning stickers have an intended purpose that is much different from a window sign. What’s important is the design fits the purpose.

Brand Logo Stickers

Some brands have a great looking logo that when turned into a simple die-cut shape, looks fantastic and resonates with customers. Not all brands have great looking logos though. A brand with a logo from the ’90s is not going to be pleased with their decals if they simply turn that logo into a sticker. A brand logo sticker should help draw positive attention towards your brand.

Do you have an old looking logo and you’re not sure what to do for your stickers? Start by simplifying. Create a simple spot-color logo that will grab your customer’s attention.

Warning Decals

An industrial sticker has actual important information to communicate. It turns out that not all adhesives are created equal and when a technical application is involved, you better find the right one! We offer all kinds of solutions for your specialized industrial application.

Product Labels

Is your product sitting on a grocery store shelf? If so, the label becomes vital towards the sale of your product. Combining the right material with a thoughtful design will immediately set you apart from your competitors.

Window Signage

Window signage is meant to catch a consumer’s attention from a long distance. Don’t design a window sign with a lot of text! Keep it short and simple, 8 words or less. You are trying to capture attention with an interesting graphic and reinforce a simple message about a product or promotion.

We will help you create interesting and thoughtful products that lead to what we like to call “a good sticker.”