Why do hard hat stickers have wrinkles?

Applying a hard hat sticker with wrinkles can be a frustrating experience. The process of smoothing out the wrinkles and getting the sticker to lay flat can take a significant amount of time and effort. Additionally, when the wrinkles are present, the sticker may not adhere properly to the surface of the hard hat, which can lead to the sticker peeling or falling off entirely. This can be incredibly frustrating if the sticker is applied for safety reasons or as part of a company branding campaign.

So what causes wrinkles in hard hat stickers?

There are several factors that cause hard hat decals to wrinkle during application.

Wrong material leads to hard hat sticker wrinkles

Using the wrong kind of material for hard hats is the #1 cause of wrinkles during application. Hard hats have very complex curvature surfaces and require an extra conformable vinyl material. Our hard hat stickers are made from the highest quality outdoor vinyl and laminated with an ultra-conformable laminate for outdoor protection.

special vinyl conformable material hard hats

Improper application

If the sticker is applied to the hard hat surface unevenly or stretched during application, wrinkles may form. It’s very important to use patience when applying these stickers. Here’s a step-by-step guide to apply these stickers perfectly!

Temperature Changes

Exposure to extreme temperatures or sudden temperature changes can cause the sticker to shrink or expand, leading to wrinkles.


If the sticker is applied to a surface that is not completely dry or if the sticker becomes exposed to moisture, it can cause the adhesive to weaken and wrinkles to form.


Over time, the adhesive on the sticker can weaken, and the sticker may begin to wrinkle or peel.

To avoid wrinkles, it is important to apply the sticker to a clean, dry surface, and to avoid exposing the sticker to extreme temperatures or moisture. It’s also important to use high-quality stickers that are designed for use on hard hats.