special vinyl conformable material hard hats

Hard Hat Stickers Require Special Vinyl Material

The curved surface of a hard hat or helmet provides a unique challenge for stickers. A normal vinyl sticker is designed for a smooth, flat surface and will crease, or bubble, when applied to a curved surface. Without the proper material, hard hat stickers will look cheap and unprofessional.

Creased stickers using the wrong material on a hard hat.

Conformable vinyl solves the creasing problem

Hard hat stickers need conformable vinyl to stretch over the unique curves of a helmet. This material is more stretchy than normal vinyl and gives helmet stickers the perfect laydown to avoid an ugly crease!

Hard-hat stickers from comgraphx are printed on a conformable material and laminated with a conformable laminate. This protects the graphics from scratches, rain, oil, and other substances and gives them a glossy shine to stand out.

Conformable vinyl stickers are stretchy enough to stick without wrinkes on helmets.

Do you need to order helmet stickers?

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