Top Uses For Business Stickers

Stickers are used by businesses to promote, engage, and create customers. It could be a simple “thank you for your business” sticker, or an offer to come and join the club. Stickers are seen as fun giveaway items consumers use to show support for their favorite brands. Stickers are prominently displayed on water bottles, laptops, phone cases, car windows, and outdoor gear.

Stickers have grown in popularity enormously over the past 10 years. Go to any college campus and stickers are everywhere! Laptops are decked out and water bottles are covered in stickers. Stickers are a perfect example of the power of repetition in marketing. Constantly seeing a brand represented on a high-traffic item, such as a laptop, greatly impacts potential new and current customers.

Brands have realized the power of sticker marketing and started including stickers with their products. Consumers buy a product and get a free sticker! What could be better? We all like free stuff and showing support for your favorite brand seems like a low-risk way to demonstrate personality.

We have looked at the sticker marketing landscape and come up with a list of the top 5 ways businesses use stickers to promote their brands.

Top Business Sticker Uses

Thank you for your business stickers

Stickers are the perfect way to thank a customer for an order! They are inexpensive and cool! Customers love receiving free gifts and love to rep brands they love. Put a sticker in the box! Hand them out next to the register with a sign that says “FREE”. Watch people get super excited about your business stickers!

stickers with back print to thank customers for their order

Trade show and event giveaway stickers

Everyone loves a tradeshow giveaway sticker, right? Events and tradeshows are a great way to try something new. Custom coasters and custom-printed magnets are popular giveaways in tradeshow bags. Shiny chrome stickers and reflective stickers are eye-catching and fun products to attract prospects.

Classic logo stickers make for popular business sticker options

Custom logo stickers are the easiest stickers to design because they are the same as a company’s primary logo. These stickers include a die cut and follow the shape of the logo, creating an interesting cut path. Custom printed logo stickers can be printed on white material or clear material.

logo sticker compliments a notebook

Online retailer stickers complete with back printing

backprint stickers

Retailers are eager to put a branding sticker inside their packages as a way to gain brand loyalty. These stickers include back printing for social info, giveaways, coupon QR codes, and customer service contact information.

Shiny chrome stickers are a fun way to upgrade a sticker

Chrome decals are a popular way to add flare to standard branding decals. These shiny stickers are printed on a chrome metallic finish material that tough and durable. The stickers are eye-catching and give an expensive variation to standard die cuts.