Sticker adhesives

What adhesives do we use on our stickers?

Stickers come with many different types of adhesives. Our standard products fall into 5 main adhesive categories: Static Cling, Removable, Semi-Permanent, Permanent, and Heavy Duty Permanent. We have pre-selected the adhesive that goes best with the most-likely application of your stickers. The chart below shows the various adhesive types and provides a description of how the adhesive is expected to perform.

Adhesive TypeDescriptionTypical useProducts Using Adhesive
Static Cling
No adhesive. Uses static energy and surface tension to “stick” to smooth glass surfaces.
Glass surfacesStatic Clings
RemovableEasily removed from surfaces for up to 1 year without residue left behind.Large window posters and signage. Double-Sided Window Stickers
Window Signage
Floor Graphics
Semi-Permanent (short-term)Sticks really well to most surfaces, but removes with little to no adhesive. Our most popular adhesive.Promotional brand stickers such as die cut stickers, kiss cut stickers and sticker sheets.Die Cut Stickers
Clear Stickers
Sticker Sheets
Kiss Cut Stickers
Transfer Stickers
Square Stickers
Back Printed Stickers
Shiny Chrome Stickers
Hang-Tag Stickers
Screen Printed Stickers
Permanent (long-term)Sticks very well for long-term use. Will be hard to remove and will likely leave behind a sticky residue.Equipment stickers, HVAC stickers, long-term outdoor stickers. Hard hat stickers.Equipment Stickers
Hard Hat Stickers
Heavy DutyDifficult surfaces to stick such as low-surface energy plasticsRough-textured plastics such as gun cases or porta-potties.Heavy Duty Stickers
Chart showing adhesive types commonly used on stickers