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Custom transfer stickers give your design the “no label” look by removing all excess material from the design. They are great as high-end product labels or selling in your merch store.

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These custom stickers are waterproof and designed for everyday outdoor use. They also work great on cups and bottles run through a dishwasher. This high-end custom sticker makes words and logos stand out due to the excess vinyl removed from the design.

To order transfer stickers, simply select the size and quantity and add them to your cart. After the checkout process, upload your art and our production team will send you a free online proof within 1 business day from our design team. After proof approval, we will produce and ship your custom transfer stickers in 5 business days via free ground shipping.

Features of Transfer Stickers

Transfer stickers are produced using high-quality outdoor vinyl so your design will look good for several years. Confidently order these stickers knowing your brand will look great and impress your customers!


Cut out of white or black material

Transfer stickers are cut from white or black material. These stickers are ideal for logos and designs without printing. 


Perfectly cut and excess vinyl removed

Letters and designs are cut out of the vinyl and all excess material is removed. 


Transfer film for easy application

Our super clear transfer tape allows you to see the design through the film. This transfer tape keeps the transfer sticker together while sticking to windows. 

Generate Revenue With Transfer Stickers

Thermal transfer decals are a high-end sticker style because of their closely cut look, with the excess vinyl removed by hand. When applied to an OEM product, they add a quality finishing touch, unlike a regular sticker or vinyl decals.

Due to the high-end nature of the transfer decal, they can be a very expensive give-away. We recommend using a less expensive vinyl sticker for your mass quantity branding stickers and focusing your transfer decals as a profit center for your brand.

Consider the following ways to use your transfer stickers as a money making, yet effective branding tool for your business:

  1. Sell transfer stickers on your website or in your stores.
  2. Offer an exclusive member program complete with a yearly transfer sticker available only to your paying members.
  3. Work with our in-house art department to create your company logo or brand logo out of our white or black vinyl. During the proofing process our artists can help decide on how to make the best transfer sticker we can! 

Transfer Sticker FAQ's

Various sticker manufacturers call this product by different names. Some examples are die cut decals, thermal decals, premask stickers, or pro cut decals. They all refer to the same product. 

Our standard adhesives are made from a general purpose, semi-permanent adhesive. That means it’s strong enough to stick to most surfaces, but won’t cause damage when it’s time to be removed. The most common places our stickers are used are windows, laptops, water bottles, coolers, fridges, and tool boxes. 

If you have a question  about a certain surface, reach out to our customer service team!

A transfer sticker is a type of sticker computer cut out of one piece of vinyl. The excess around the logo is then removed or “weeded” to leave only your design behind. Transfer tape is then laminated over the remaining vinyl to make applying your new transfer stickers easy!

Our custom transfer stickers are computer cut out of 3mil white or black vinyl. This vinyl is rated for outdoor use for 3-5 years when applied to a clean, smooth surface.

Transfer tape refers to the material laminated over the transfer sticker itself. Transfer tape helps you remove your custom transfer sticker from the liner and apply to your car window, laptop, tumbler, or anywhere else that is a smooth, clean surface.

Typically transfer stickers look best when kept simple with 1 color of vinyl. Outside of that a font with a thick weight will ensure your design can be successfully picked from the excess vinyl.

Our white vinyl material comes with a matte finish while the black vinyl has a slightly glossy finish to it. Other materials or finishes are available upon request through our B2B Wholesale program.

Given the production process of transfer stickers, it’s best to keep designs larger than an inch. Designs under an inch can be difficult to weed and may lose smaller pieces during the process.

While many businesses out there base their prices off the number of picks, we do not. We’ve created our pricing structure to simplify the ordering process for you. This allows you to quickly and easily quote multiple sizes in seconds.

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