bulk stickers on a pallet

How to Buy Wholesale Bulk Stickers

Looking for wholesale bulk stickers? There are many places you can purchase your stickers. A quick google search yields tons of online sticker printers. Talk to a friend or colleague and you will discover an ASI/PPAI rep who can sell you stickers. You might know a manufacturer’s rep who represents a sticker manufacturer. Or you can purchase decals directly from a manufacturing company, saving you money and effort.

What are Wholesale Stickers?

The term wholesale stickers can mean different things to different people. Another term you have also heard is bulk stickers and other similar terms. Wholesale bulk stickers are stickers that are purchased in a high enough quantity to justify a sizable discount from the standard price.

Who Sells Wholesale Decals?

Manufacturing companies that specialize in decal production usually sell wholesale decals. Because of the specialized equipment needed to produce decals in higher quantities, there are very few companies that are capable of providing a wholesale decal.

How Many Stickers are Considered Bulk?

When you need 5,000 up to several million decals produced we consider that a  bulk sticker order.

Who Buys Bulk Decals?

Consumer product companies and online retailers are a few of the many companies that use wholesale bulk stickers. Bulk stickers are a primary branding tool to get a brand in front of thousands of people. Sometimes considered a gorilla marketing tactic, bulk stickers are a very cost-effective way to get a high number of impressions for your brand.

What Questions to Ask When Buying Bulk Stickers?

  1. How are the stickers printed and how long are they expected to last outdoors?
  2. Does your company manufacturer the stickers or do you take a markup and send the work to someone else?
  3. Will my sticker design be effective for my desired use?
  4. What tweaks could you suggest on my design to help save some money?
  5. How long will it take you to produce a million stickers?

Buying Directly From The Manufacturer of The Sticker Creates a Better Product

Working with the manufacturer is the best option if your company needs a high quantity of stickers or decals. One of the reasons is the buying experience. When you work directly with the manufacturer, you will get the most insight into the product because the account executive you work with is extremely knowledgeable about the product. Contrarily, working with an ASI/PPAI rep or manufacturer’s rep means there’s a middle-man who might misinterpret details of your project to the printer.