Popular Sticker Products Explained

Stickers are a very broad term used to refer to anything that sticks! Outdoor branding decals, industrial decals, retail and window graphics, and various types of labels are all considered stickers. Understanding the different terminology and materials is complicated stuff!

It’s helpful to break stickers down into 4 main categories:

  • Promotional and Branding Stickers
  • Industrial Stickers, Decals, and Nameplates
  • Retail Graphics and Window Stickers
  • Product and Packaging Labels

Most stickers, decals, and labels fall within one of these four broad categories. Defining the category help bring structure to the type of materials used and the purpose of the sticker.

Let’s dive into each of these categories and the most common styles and cuts.

Promotional Branding Stickers and Decals

Branding stickers serve the purpose of promoting a company’s image, logo, and message. These stickers serve as a cost-effective marketing tool to improve brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately sell more products.

Outdoor vinyl stickers are the most popular style of branding sticker

Outdoor vinyl stickers are durable, weather-resistant adhesive labels that are specifically designed for use outdoors. They are made from high-quality vinyl material that can withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, and other elements, making them ideal for use on cars, windows, signs, and other outdoor surfaces. Durability is very important with these stickers to ensure the marketing message is seen by a large audience over an extended period of time.

Different styles of outdoor vinyl stickers

Die Cut Stickers

Die-cut stickers are printed on white outdoor vinyl material and carefully cut to shape. This cut style includes a back-slit to make the sticker super easy to peel. This gives the stickers a unique look and attracts attention to the branding message. This is the most popular style of outdoor sticker.

comgraphx branding stickers

Clear Stickers

Printed on the same vinyl material as die cut stickers except the color is a frosty, transparent clear sticker. Perfect for stickers with irregular borders. Clear stickers and decals are perfect for bottles, laptops, car windows. They give the appears the stickers is floating on the surface.

Square and Rectangular Stickers

Square stickers don’t have to be boring! For some designs, this style presents a cool look. Rectangular stickers and square stickers are considered the same product. These stickers are also finished with an easy-peel backing paper.

logo sticker compliments a notebook

Kiss Cut Stickers and Sticker Sheets

Kiss cut refers to one sticker peeling off the backing paper. The same concept is true for sticker sheets but with multiple stickers on the same backing sheet. This product is the perfect option for online retailers and packaging inserts. It gives customers multiple ways to stick your brand!

Hang-Tag Stickers

Attach stickers to shirts, hats, and other merchandise as an easy way to give away a sticker to all customers. This cool product is a combination of die cut and kiss cut. The hang-tag at the top makes it easy and professional to use.

Unique styles of branding stickers

Backprint Stickers

Backprint stickers allow for extra branding on the back (liner) of the stickers. Using this space gives brands a powerful opportunity to encourage social interactions, advertise promotions, and engage with customers. This sticker is the same as the die cut sticker construction, but with the additional back printing!

Chrome decals

Shiny chrome stickers are the perfect way to add spice to branding stickers. Catch attention and give customers a cool new product! These stickers come die cut to shape and laminated with a glossy laminate!

Double Sided Stickers

Static Cling Stickers

Shiny chrome stickers are the perfect way to add spice to branding stickers. Catch attention and give customers a cool new product! These stickers come die cut to shape and laminated with a glossy laminate!

Industrial Stickers and Labels

Industrial stickers are adhesive labels that are specifically designed and used in industrial and commercial settings. They serve various purposes, such as identifying and tracking equipment, marking designated areas, warning of potential hazards, and indicating the status of equipment and tools. Industrial stickers are made from durable materials to withstand harsh industrial environments and are often printed with industrial-grade inks to ensure long-lasting readability. They can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as size, shape, color, and printing information.

Double Sided Stickers

Equipment Stickers

Heavy Duty Stickers

Reflective Stickers

Drum Labels

Retail Stickers

Retail stickers are adhesive labels that are used for marketing purposes in stores. They are designed to promote products, brands, and sales, and to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.

Window Signage

Floor Graphics

Perforated Signage