Why Screen Print Stickers Matter For Your Brand

There are many different print methods that can be used for creating stickers. Sometimes it can be very confusing to understand which one is the best. Most printers don’t specialize in screen print stickers. Therefore their suggestion will be geared toward the method they do. Not necessarily the method your brand needs.

Comgraphx is one of the few printers in the nation that truly specialize in stickers. So you can count on us to provide you with the best answer for your brand.

Screen Print Stickers Look Good for Many Years

Have you ever seen a sticker that’s faded? It looks terrible and unfortunately, the faded sticker reflects poorly on the brand the sticker represents, not necessarily the printer who used bad judgment. That sticker was most likely printed with the wrong print method for a sticker, likely offset, flexo, or digital.

Screen Print stickers made with proper UV inks will generally last 3-5 years without any signs of fading (and sometimes much longer)! That’s because UV screen print inks use high-quality automotive-grade pigments in the inks. In addition, screen printing puts down more ink than what can be achieved through other methods.

Screen Print Stickers Produce Rich, Vibrant Spot Colors

Spot colors printed on a screen press look amazing! The natural glossy look from the ink, combined with the thick deposit of ink on the substrate produces a look that can’t be achieved through other print methods. The brand becomes the center of attention because of the vibrant colors.

What about Digital Print Stickers?

In the last few years digital stickers have become much more common with technology improvements in digital presses. While some digital printers produce satisfactory results (we have digital printing too!), most digital presses are not well suited for outdoor exposure to the elements. Photographic-like decals are the best candidates for digital printing due to digital’s ability to reproduce finer details in the print. The main takeaway with digital? It’s okay in certain situations when using the right press, but it’s still no substitute for a screen printed branding decal.

A screen printed branding decal is the best way to represent your brand for years to come. Our Account Executives would love to help translate your branding strategy into the best possible screen printed decal.

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