Use Stickers to Provide a Branded Packaging Experience

Since the retail landscape has changed drastically over the past decade. Using stickers to provide a branded packaging experience is a excellent way to get your brand out there. Big-box retailers no longer dominate the shopping experience, keeping the weekend entrepreneur from selling products to consumers. Etsy, shopify, ebay, and others have allowed boutique brands a place to sell their product direct-to-the-consumer and create viable businesses.

The new retail landscape and the rise of new brands competing for your dollar, has made it more important than ever to find clever ways to help your brand be remembered.

What is a Branded Packaging Experience?

A new trend in the online shopping experience is to provide your customers with an unboxing experience that sets your brand apart from competitors. An obvious example of this experience is Apple with its well-designed and sleek packaging. The unboxing experience creates excitement about the new product, to the extent people post youtube videos showing the experience. Talk about every marketers dream!

Your boutique brand should create a similar experience for your customers. You can use stickers to create this experience for your customers. There are several different ways to do this.

How Can I Use Stickers to Create a Branded Packaging Experience?

Use stickers and labels in several different ways to draw attention to your brand. Some brands will use multiple techniques, while others choose the one that brings them the most bang for their buck.

Box Stickers and Labels Give Your Box a Brand

The worst thing you can do is ship a plain brown box to your customers. Stickers are an inexpensive way to draw attention to your package and create excitement about the product inside. You can use fun colors or funny sayings to get your brand remembered.

Receipt Label or Packaging Closure Label

You can use an inexpensive paper label to attach the receipt or brand card to the contents or bag. This will ensure the return info or social media connection info doesn’t get lost in the unboxing experience. It is also one more opportunity to get your brand in front of the customer.

Sticker Sheet Insert

Stickers need to represent your brand. But stickers also need to be designed to be used. Providing your customers with a sticker sheet, you are giving them multiple opportunities to use your brand on their gear. Think about the endless options: water bottle stickers, phone stickers, car stickers, laptop stickers, etc. Giving the customer multiple sticker options with varying designs, shapes, sizes, etc., there’s a good chance the stickers will be used. In contrast, if you only give them one option and they don’t like the size or shape, it will go in the trash.

Use the back of the sticker sheet (sometimes called a sticker backprint) to communicate important info about your brand! It’s a two for one special.

Cool Die Cut Stickers Included With The Product

Die cut stickers are cool. Including multiple die cut stickers in a package provides the same experience as the kiss cut sticker sheet. It’s just in a different format. Die cut stickers get noticed more because of their unique shapes.

Whichever product(s) is right for your brand is dependent on your marketing team’s brand strategy. We would be more than happy to discuss different options or provide you with mockups to help your team make a decision. Best of luck stickering.