Sticker Sheets are Perfect For Online Brands

A sticker sheet is a group of kiss cut stickers nicely organized on a rectangular backing sheet. This product is a great way for online brands to conveniently distribute multiple sticker designs to customers. They are easy to throw in the box during shipping or give away next to the register. Your brand will get noticed and your customers will love this product!

What are the benefits of sticker sheets?

There are several benefits of kiss cut sheets. First, the sticker sheet make distribution a breeze. There’s no need to mess with bagging your stickers because they are all printed on a single sheet. Sticker sheets serve multiple purposes when you print on the back of the sticker. The throw-away paper liner is the perfect place to put your company info, return policy, customer service info, social media engagement, etc. This keeps you from putting an extra marketing sheet in the box!

Who should use sticker sheets?

Sticker sheets are a very powerful tool for online (ecommerce) retailers. These relatively new (and innovative) companies are competing in a highly competitive retail market. The products they sell are manufactured by a different brand. Therefore, it’s easy to forget about the retailer after the sale is complete. The sticker sheet plays a vital role in creating brand loyalty back towards the retailer. In addition, sticker sheets should be used by any company who wants to create loyalty and passion for their brand. Use this marketing tool as an opportunity to turn your company into a lifestyle brand. Your customers will have an extra incentive to buy from you.

How do I design a sticker sheet?

Designing a sticker sheet is a complicated task! There are several stickers that all have to fit on one sheet. Plus, you can use the blank space for extra marketing material. Check out our post on designing effective sticker sheets!

What material is best for custom sticker sheets?

Vinyl is the most cost effective material for sticker sheets, but mutlple materials will work. Experiment with a shiny silver sticker sheet or a clear sticker.

Don’t forget about social media

Your sticker sheet is the perfect place to remind your customers to connect on social media. Use a Tag & Win strategy to encourage your customers to tag you with a picture of their stickers. This is a great way to get your brand noticed with new potential customers. Watch the video and give us a call today!