Receipt Labels for Restaurants

Receipt labels are the perfect way to conveniently attach your quick-serve restaurant receipts to take-out packages. They give your brand an opportunity to advertise a special promotion or giveaway and advertise a new product.


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Receipt stickers are also used to quickly and easily brand non-printed left-over boxes. 

These custom stickers are traditionally printed on paper for short-term use and come on rolls for easy distribution. They can easily be produced with alternative materials based on your custom application.

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How To Make Receipt Stickers Friendly For Operations

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Receipt labels are a great marketing concept, but you have to make sure your store employees implement the concept well. We have a few tips to help you out: 

  1. Using a dispenser is a must! We sell a couple different types of dispensers that will help the operation move along swiftly. 
  2. Habit, habit, habit! Make the stickers a habit with your store employees.
  3. Use a label size that makes sense for your packaging and process. For instance: a small 1″ circle works great if you are attaching receipts to a drive-thru drink, but doesn’t work when delivering large pizzas!
  4. Give the stickers a functional purpose beyond the marketing impact. Use them to securely close the sandwich wrapper. Or use them as a double-check to make sure the drive-thru order is complete.