Top 5 Uses for Die Cut Stickers

Die cut stickers are the cute little cut-to-shape stickers on the back of car windows, water bottles, and laptops. A true fixture in American society. These stickers hey convey personality and brand interests. Let’s break down this product by looking at some of the top ways die cut stickers are used.

Top uses for die-cut stickers:

  1. Branding Stickers
  2. Logo Stickers
  3. Brewery Stickers
  4. Contingency Stickers
  5. Back print stickers with QR code

What are Die Cut Stickers?

We wrote an entire blog post with everything there is to know about die-cut stickers! These stickers are made for outdoor branding purposes. Their unique cut-to-shape design makes them the perfect choice for companies and brands.

1. Branding Stickers

Branding stickers are the best way to advertise a new brand and get the word out about a hot new product. Combined with a successful social media campaign, these stickers help brands skyrocket.

Many brands have branding standards and these stickers are geared toward matching those standards.

Branding stickers are one of the top forms of die cut stickers

2. Logo Stickers

All brands have a logo and most would benefit from logo stickers. These simple stickers can be passed out to employees and customers. Try it and see how these stickers are used. You will be surprised by the wide reach of stickers for marketing impressions!

Logo stickers are clean, simple, and effective die cut stickers

3. Brewery Stickers

Brewery stickers became a hot commodity following the craft brewery growth explosion of the past 20 years. These stickers are the perfect way for breweries to grow their following and advertise new brews.

Brewery stickers are one of the most popular styles of die cut stickers.

4. Contingency Stickers

Contingency stickers are the 36 square inch branding stickers on the side of race cars. Automotive brands pass these stickers out as a marketing strategy. It’s common to see these stickers plastered on the sides of refrigerators and car windows.

A race car with several contingency stickers on the side

5. Back print stickers with QR codes

Back print stickers are one of the most popular styles of stickers because of the versatility of the backing paper. The back of the stickers can be used for additional branding, including QR codes. This is the perfect way to use die cut stickers, making them dual-purpose!

QR code stickers are printed on the backing paper provide a dual purpose product.


Die cut stickers are one of the most popular styles of stickers and are used by brands in many creative ways. In addition to these uses, they are also used as water bottle stickers, ice chest stickers, and waterproof stickers!

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