Why Should I Use Screen Print Stickers?

Screen Printing stickers are one of the oldest, but the best methods of manufacturing stickers. Screen Print Stickers provide brands and companies so many more options for creating compelling designs. Further, screen printed product lasts longer outdoors and produces a much more vibrant image than digital or flexo counterparts.

Screen Printing Provides a Vibrant and Eye-Catching Look

The primary goal of your sticker is to get your brand noticed, which leads to future product purchases for your company. A decal printed with screen printing manufacturing provides a rich vibrant color that makes your brand stand out from competitors. The vibrant look of screen printing is due to several factors.

UV Cured Screen Print Inks Provide a natural Gloss

With UV cured inks, the stickers are dry to the touch the minute the ink comes in contact with the UV light. Because the manufacturing process is so quick, the ink is dry almost instantaneously after printing.

Gloss Levels Can Be Easily Adjusted with Screen Printing

Screen printing ink is by nature glossy. This look provides a rich vibrant spot color to your brand’s logo. For some companies though, a matte look might be preferred. With screen printing, there are endless options to mix glossy and matte finishes on the same sticker, which creates visual appeal.

Online sticker printers simply can’t provide this type of specialty finish.

Screen Printed Inks are Durable to Abrasion and Every Day Outdoor Use

Because screen print inks are printed using a very thick ink deposit, the inks are incredibly durable. As a result, expensive laminates are not needed to protect the print. Everyday usage on your car or gear will not affect the durability of the sticker.

Screen Printing is like Sun Screen For Your Stickers

Screen printing inks are made of highly durable and long-lasting pigments. The same pigments used in automotive-grade paints are used to print your stickers! Because the ink deposit is so thick, your stickers will be protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Your stickers will last for years to come and will look just as good as the day they were printed. Why would a company or brand invest marketing budgets towards a product that will fade in 0-12 months?

Screen Printing Spot Colors Gives Brand Standards a Perfect Match

The ability to match brand standard colors is critical in today’s world. Because screen printing inks are mixed in-house, the ability to hit brand colors is easily accomplished.

Spot Colors vs. 4cp

Other methods of printing, such as digital printing, are reliant on 4cp (sometimes called CMYK) printing. While 4cp printing is necessary for certain images, a well-executed spot color design provides an unachievable look using 4cp printing. Because most effective stickers are designed using spot colors, screen printing is the ideal print method.

If you want to find out more, check out this great article about the difference between 4cp and spot color images.

Screen Printing Opens Up the Possibility of Using Specialty Inks and Finishes

Digital printing has very limited specialty effect capabilities. On the contrary, screen printing has an endless number of specialty effects and finishes that can be applied to your print. The current most popular special ink effect is to mix a black matte ink with a shiny silver film to create a high contrasting image.

Some of the other options we offer are transparent and neon inks, sparkle and glitter coatings, and a host of other off the wall items.

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