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Wholesale stickers are for brands and businesses who buy stickers in bulk. The stickers are used in product packaging. They are perfect for mass market advertising and branding.

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Wholesale stickers are more cost effective

Wholesale stickers are more cost effective because of the economies of scale during the manufacturing process. These stickers are produced in quantities ranging from 5,000 to 10 million. As the quantities increase, the price per piece decreases. 

CGpro sticker experts can help

Our team of sticker experts matches your project requirements with our unique equipment to achieve best-in-class pricing. Our expanded manufacturing capabilities gives your brand extra tools to achieve the desired look or price point.

Screen printing is the best process for cost-effective wholesale stickers

Screen print sticker manufacturing is the most common way to achieve excellent value on wholesale sticker orders. Screen printing gives branding decals a rich and vibrant appearance and has superior outdoor durability. Screen printing unlocks unique customizations unavailable with digital printing. Various inks such as metallic and dayglow colors are used to help brands stand out among the noise. 

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Features of Wholesale Stickers

Bulk stickers are customized to the exact specifications of customer needs. These sticker orders are handled by a team of sticker experts to make sure the best sticker product is produced. This also results in superior pricing and customer value for business customers.


Bulk stickers are die-cut, kiss-cut, or laminated to give them the perfect look.


The split backing paper makes using custom stickers easy. Simply crack and peel the paper backing to easily remove the liner.


The range of printing options gives flexibility in pricing and durability for bulk sticker orders. 

FAQ's for Wholesale Stickers

Contact the CGpro team to get a bulk sticker order placed! These orders are much more complex than small sticker orders and require a human being to process the order. 

The lead time can vary from 5 business days to 20 business days depending on several factors. The size of the order and availability of material are the two main factors affecting lead times for these orders. 

Bulk stickers take advantage of economies of scale during the sticker manufacturing process. This makes them significantly cheaper per piece. Bulk stickers are very cost effective way for companies to advertise to a mass audience. 

There is no functional difference between wholesale stickers and bulk stickers. The terminology is used interchangeably to mean the same thing – a very large sticker order with discounted pricing!

Our bulk sticker product is an outdoor sticker produced as an individual piece (sometimes called cut-to-size).

Stickers finished on a roll are called labels. We offer a full line of label products through our CGpro team.

Bulk sticker quantities vary greatly by person or company. We consider a sticker order bulk when the quantities are over 5,000 pieces. Many customers place sticker orders for 100,000 stickers up to several million. 

Pricing for bulk stickers is based on the size and complexity of the sticker order. The amount of material needed to print the stickers has a direct impact on the price.

For instance, 5,000 2″ x 2″ stickers will be much less expensive than 5,000 8″ x 8″ stickers. 

Other factors that affect the pricing are:

  • The number of colors (if screen printed)
  • Finished look of the stickers (die-cut, kiss-cut, etc.)
  • Material used (clear vinyl, white vinyl, shiny chrome, holographic, etc.)

Looking For Something More Custom?

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